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          Jingxing (Tianjin) Construction Co., Ltd

          The Chinese ambassador to Syria[2022-02-22]
          The preheater tower of UCG proj[2022-01-25]
          The company actively develops o[2022-01-10]
          Syrian project hosts football m[2022-01-10]
          Syrian rotary kiln closed succe[2021-10-27]
          Syrian rotary kiln hoisting sit[2021-10-19]
          The company holds the 2020/21 a[2021-09-01]
          Training courses for company ma[2021-09-01]
          Congratulations on the opening [2021-08-16]
          The company won the bid for Zou[2021-08-16]

          Jingxing (Tianjin) Construction Co., Ltd. in 2015, which leads in electrical and mechanical equipment installation, maintenance engineering and related international trade with registered capital of 36 million..........

          Project NewsMore
          The work of UCP project in Syri[2022-01-10]
          The completion ceremony of the [2022-01-10]
          The kiln tail tower of Tengzhou[2022-01-10]
          The rotary kiln of Tengzhou pro[2022-01-10]
          The Zoucheng aggregate line ope[2021-10-18]
          Overhaul of North China Area[2021-06-10]
          South China area overhaul[2021-06-10]
          Fuzhou's 5 million tons aggrega[2021-06-10]
          Tengzhou 4000t/d clinker line p[2021-06-10]
          Changshan Nanfang 3# Cement Mi[2021-06-10]
          The rise in electricity prices[2021-10-18]
          Cement companies implement more[2021-10-18]
          The rise in volume and price ma[2021-09-15]
          The export of cement clinker hi[2021-09-15]
          New regulations on capacity rep[2021-09-15]
          Cement industry forecast: inven[2021-09-15]
          2020 China cement industry high[2021-02-07]
          2020 China cement industry high[2021-02-07]
          2020 China cement industry high[2021-02-07]
          2020 China cement industry high[2021-02-07]
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